with service for Iron and Steel; foundry and non-ferrous metal industry, supply of various monolithic refractory materials by its modern technological investments, research and development laboratories, was located in the Economic & Technological Development Area of Qingdao. In China we established in 2009 more than 30 years experience a new and modern factory, we applied for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate; and we also have this certification in Europe.

Our principles, as SUNS Ltd., is to follow new developments in refractory technologies and develop our technologies in order to add new types to our product catalogue for providing you with the latest and newly upgraded products.

With this purpose in mind, we developed spinel and aluminum oxide based lining materials for induction furnaces. We also produced high performance LC and ULC, self flowing low cement castables for foundry crucibles, ladles, tundishes, cover of arc furnace and for other high temperature application areas. We are proud of being one of the leading companies for these kind of applications in the world.

Our company supplies refractory and engineering services to customers home and abroad. Supplies for these services are delivered in the most efficient ways, in terms of quality and price.

SUNS going to follow this principle in the future and will keep the tradition of being a modernized and pioneer company. Our customers' satisfaction is our satisfaction.